St John's C of E Primary School

Our Vision & Values

Striving for Excellence and Enjoyment in Learning

Guided by our Christian Values

Our vision reflects our overarching aims, ethos and values. We would like our vision to inspire further progress and developments in the future.

  • To be an inclusive, caring, Christian community
  • To provide a safe, happy and friendly environment which encourages all to achieve their potential through a desire for excellence, using challenging, active and creative learning
  • To develop independence, new skills, new knowledge and an enquiring mind
  • To provide a ‘next generation’ learning environment that promotes new technology for stimulating learning and advancing skills.
  • To promote communal responsibility for the local and global environment



St John’s Church of England Primary School is proud of its Christian ethos and values.

As a church school, the leadership, its teaching and the experiences it offers will be underpinned and rooted in our Christian values of Faith, Love, Respect and Thankfulness.

Our values play a positive role in pupils’ development and help to guide us through our lives. Opportunities are provided for our Pupils to reflect on these values - which will help to guide them through their lives and   to develop Christian attitudes in making positive contributions to our community.

When John was evidently an old man in Ephesus, he had to be carried to the church in the arms of his disciples.  At these meetings, he was accustomed to say no more than, "Little children, love one another!"  After a time, the disciples wearied at always hearing the same words, asked, "Master, why do you always say this?" "It is the Lord's command," was his reply. "And if this alone be done, it is enough!"

 John 13:34 "Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another."