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Forest School Code of Conduct

We will enter the Woodland respectfully and know that when at Forest School specific expectations are in place. We will explore, investigate, learn and play in a manner that will not damage our Woodland environment. We understand that we share our Forest School with plants and animals and that when we are in our Forest School we are sharing the environment with them.

Look after your Forest School

No picking No Licking

Stay within the boundaries marked, we don’t go over it and we don’t go under it

Stay outside of the fire circle

Look above, below and around for hazards

Think carefully before undertaking any activity so the wood is kept safe and others are kept safe

You do not misuse equipment or use equipment without permission

You use equipment and personal protective equipment in accordance with instructions given.

You report any unsafe conditions or practices

Follow the instructions of any adult / Forest School’s Leader

You return everything back at the end of the session so the woodland is back to its natural environment.

You also need to make sure you have the correct clothing to take part – long sleeves and long trousers


No person will be permitted to go to Forest School without appropriate clothing that will protect them from extremes of heat or cold, keep them covered to reduce the likelihood of cuts and scrapes, that fits appropriately for comfort, and that meets any religious requirements.

Children and parents are encouraged to think about the usefulness of their clothing for outdoor activities, and to be aware they are likely to take some of our mud home with them after a session. In the forest it can often be cooler than expected under the shade of the trees.

Clothing list:

  • Waterproof trousers
  • Waterproof coat, with a hood.
  • Long sleeved top
  • Full length trousers
  • Warm boots (wellies can be very cold during the winter)
  • Warm Socks, and a spare pair
  • Gloves and Woolly hat – Cold weather
  • Sun hat: that fits well to ensure good visibility– sunny weather

We work on the principle that “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”, but staff must be aware of how children in their class react to different weathers and how this affects their sensory processing.